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  1. Create a strong online presence

Get online and update your profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Don’t just press send

Research has shown that job-seekers need to stop relying on emails correspondence only. I t has been proven that candidates who make an effort to follow up with a phone call after sending their CV receive far more positive feedback , as this shows enthusiasm.

  1. Continuously upgrade your skills

Employers are looking for candidates who keep their job skilss current and can remain competitive in the market place.

  1. Networks

As the saying goes, Its not what you know but who you know. Consider joining a business networking group so that you can meet and mingle with industry peers and experts.

  1. Redefine and know what sets you apart

Once you’ve made your skills relevant again, you will need to find s way to demonstrate your uniqueness and competence as a potential employee.

  1. Go easy on yourself

Confidence goes a long way, and most companies make employment decisions based on first impressions.